Software Alliance Teacher Engagement

The Software Alliance has launched its Teacher Mentoring Scheme after 27 member representatives stepped forward to become an industry mentor.

These industry practitioners are currently being paired up with teachers ahead of the beginning of the new academic year in September.

With member support, this scheme will educate the teaching profession about the software industry, the diversity of the careers and opportunities within it, and the key skills and competencies sought after by employers. Currently, 37 teachers have registered to be paired with a mentor and the Alliance continues to raise awareness of this scheme across the profession.

As industry practitioners, the mentors will provide guidance to teachers on software in Northern Ireland, empowering them to discuss and promote the industry within their classroom and building their confidence and knowledge of Computer Science and the various disciplines within it.

As the scheme gets underway, the support of more member representatives is encouraged and the Software Alliance School’s Group will host further member information sessions throughout August and September for those members wishing to get involved. Dates and registration details to follow.  

The monthly teacher information sessions, which will act as a regular meet up between the School’s Group and teachers, will also kick off in October.  

Visit our website for more information on the activities of the Software Alliance School’s Group.