The Software Alliance School’s Group to host ‘Lunch & Learn’ event for teachers

Taking place on Wednesday 22 March and Wednesday 29 March from 12.30 – 1.15pm, the events will showcase the software engineering industry to teachers, informing them of the most in-demand roles in the industry and the resources available to support students as they explore the possibility of a career in software.

Held in partnership with Speakers for Schools, the Lunch & Learn series aims to equip teachers with an understanding of the industry and how best to guide students on their career journey.

As demand for jobs continues to soar right across the local technology industry, estimations show that 1 in 7 jobs in Northern Ireland now require tech skills. These are essential for the jobs of the future, and our members are increasingly impacted by the skills crisis.

In recognition of this, a key ambition of The Software Alliance is to increase student awareness of the career opportunities in NI software.

Schools, and importantly teachers, play a significant role in shaping students’ career ambitions and prospects. They therefore play a role in filling the sector’s skills deficit, something which is holding the NI economy back from achieving its full potential.

As an alliance, we encourage our members to engage with these events and share with your employees and networks as we work collectively to address the skills imbalance in Northern Ireland.

Registration for the interactive events, which take place on Wednesday 22 March and Wednesday 29 March, is available here: LINK. The sessions will be streamed on Microsoft Teams.

For further information or to get involved with The Software Alliance School’s Group, contact the Chief Executive at