Software Alliance: New Members

We are pleased to introduce our newest members: PA Consulting, Vertical Structure, INQDATA, Enzai, Proto Software, Sentel and InfoForte.

Each of these organisations bring unique experiences and perspectives to the Software Alliance community, and we are looking forward to learning from each of them. 

The diversity of expertise among our member companies, as well as their fascinating backgrounds, will enhance our collaborative power and drive forward our goal to address the challenges that exist in the ever-evolving world of software.

Find out more about our new member companies below:

Vertical Structure:

PA Consulting:





Enzai Technologies:

"It is fantastic to continue to grow our membership with the addition of seven new companies, each one pioneering and supporting the transformation of software engineering. The strength of our membership base comes with a growing responsibility to adequately represent your companies, and I look forward to meeting our new members and reflecting their challenges and concerns back to government" - David Crozier, Chief Executive, the Software Alliance.