Connecting Software Leaders with the Department for the Economy

We are pleased to have launched a series of briefings as The Software Alliance, showcasing the sector to the Department for the Economy.

As we work to drive strategy and policy development in Northern Ireland, this series is aimed at introducing the Department’s policy leads to a range of companies in the industry, informing them of the sector’s needs in relation to labour, skills, Research and Development, investment and other issues.

So far, they have been given an insight into life at Allstate NI, Liberty IT and Kainos, during which they met with company leaders, staff members, toured the facilities and sat down to discuss what’s next.

Alongside this, the Alliance met with the then Minister for the Economy Gordon Lyons MLA, and continues to engage with the Department in the current absence of a Minister.

The in-person sessions complement our ongoing work to feed into policy development, including responding to departmental consultations on behalf of software in Northern Ireland, and ensuring the voice of industry is consistently heard despite the current political situation.